How to Choose?

How to choose the right hosting for your “money making billion dollars” websites?

Well, from my experience, I can tell you how to choose one that suits your hosting needs. I am going to give you some criteria I followed after a bad experience with this hosting company called DreamHost(DH)- yes they called Dreamhost but I called her NightmareHost or DeadHost or Dying Host.
Well, I signed up with DreamHost ,opps…DeadHost in 2001 with my first website
That site turned out to be a huge successful website.

All is well and swell until I got an email from DH-see below.

Out off a sudden, I cannot get into my site and I read this email from DH.
Well, the lesson of finding a good web hosting takes place. All DH gave me was a link on how to get the files from the server to move to some other hosts.
Bear in mind, DH do not have any phone support and all is email support–THIS is really frustrating. All my emails to them went unanswered. IS this customer service?

What do you learn from this? Good, criteria to find a good web hosting. The cost of hosting is not the issue, it is CUSTOMER SERVICE and you always want your website up and running at 99%(there is no such thing as 100%) so the money will flow in.

Avoid DreamHost opps again, it is DeadHost or DyingHost because there is no phone support and worst of all their CPanel is different from all the other hosting where they use the common CPanel. It is important because your script can be transferred easily using the Command CPanel

Now, basing from this bad experience, I’ll tell you how to find a web hosting that meets your needs.

#1 The most important is CUSTOMER SERVICE

– Find a hosting where you are living. Why?
-because you know who the owners are
– a real live phone support (a must)
-you are supporting the economy

Forget about the features they advertise unlimited space/bandwidth-that is irrelevant because most all of them offer that now and I don’t quite believe the unlimited. If it is unlimited, then why Microsoft/Amazon don’t host with them?

****DO NOT HOST YOUR SITES OVERSEAS – it is suicidal–the government can shutdown your sites***

This site is hosted by Cirtexhosting because they helped me moved all my files from DeadHost. They did it fast and got my sites up within 2 hrs. I have been with them for 5yrs+ and no problems.
Another thing I like about is because I have a couple of videos websites , and and they support the video scripts
( *I do not work for Cirtexhosting directly or indirectly, no relatives of mine work for them. This is base on my experience and I do not want you to experience what I had to go thru…*)

******************Disgusting email from DreamHost aka DeadHost or DyingHost***********
Flag this message
[chrgoh 23241310] Message from support.

“DreamHost Customer Support Team”
View contact details
– After reading this response, please consider visiting
– the URL below to comment on its quality. Thanks!



This is just a note to let you know your DreamHost account has been
disabled for violation of our Terms of Service listed here:

As such, we have now closed your account effective immediately and
refunded all your money. It should show back up on your credit card
within 3-4 busines days.

Please do not attempt to sign up for service with DreamHost again in
the future.

Jeremy K
******************Disgusting email from DreamHost aka DeadHost or DyingHost***********

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